About Mosaic

Company Reg. No. 200607269W

Mosaic Solutions

What We Do?
It’s all about Interactive Technology!

We customized solutions solely for your needs. Our quality of service is proven by our past jobs that we have done.
Our ideas will never stop to amaze you!

What We Have?

  • Catchyoo
  • Ubiq’ Window (sizes varies)
  • Touch Table (sizes varies)
  • Hologram
  • Creation of Contents (AR, Flash, etc..)
  • Touch Screen (e.g. using TVs, MONITORs)
  • IR Frame, Touch Foil (sizes varies)
  • Projectors, Projection Screen (sizes varies)
  • PCs, TVs
  • Building Of Structures

We have almost everything you want!
If any interactive technology not stated above, do dial us up for more information whether we have the services.

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